Episode 8 of Busking with Austin in a Video

Episode 8 of Busking with Austin is up. I went all multimedia on this one. I play an unreleased original tune and close it out with some tasty licks off the top of my head. Stick around for that and subscribe to my channel if you dig it

Here’s where I’ll be playing in the upcoming weeks. Come rock out!

Sunday Nov. 10 – Beatniks, Worcester
Saturday Nov. 16 – Maggy’s, Quincy (with Binge Magick)
Friday Nov. 22 – AS220, Providence
Monday Dec. 9 – The Jungle, Somerville
Sunday Jan. 12 – The Jungle, Somerville

Episode 5 of Busking with Austin is out

It’s friday the 13th, there’s a full moon, my chakras are all out of whack, my chi is upside down, and epsiode 5 of busking with austin is out. I play a John Frusciante cover and an unreleased original by the sunflower field at cowpen point. Watch as my eyes dart around at the busy street and I struggle to stay in the zone as I’m assaulted by mosquitos. Yahoo!