Busking on the Seekonk River

Found a cool spot along the Seekonk River for this one. Lauren and I played the song (I Don’t Want) Another off my latest album. Go check out my music on whatever platform you use to listen and stay tuned because I have a new single coming out on June 25th!

Human Magnets

Coming out on June 25, 2021. This is the first of a few singles and collaboration projects I put out this year. Go follow me on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you listen to music and you’ll get it on release day.

Rockin out by the river with Lauren on drums

Got another video for ya today. It’s gettin nice out so this time I brought Lauren along to lay down the drums, loaded up the car, and hit a spot by the river. We played an acoustic version of Je Suis À Vous from my latest album Don’t Wake Me Up. Check it!

New video cover of a Johnny Cash tune

Been in my little rehearsal space recording a lot lately so I grabbed the acoustic and made a video cover of I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash. I got some more videos coming up from new spots around Providence too. Keep a lookout.

Focusing the Sound

Focusing the sound and finishing up some new songs. Some singles will come out early this summer along with music from a couple collaboration projects. Trying some new things this time around.