Episode 10 of Busking with Austin at India Point

Squeezing one more busking video in before 2020. This one features a killer folk song I got obsessed with this year, Million Dollar Bill by Middle Brother. Check it out on youtube and keep an eye on this website for upcoming gigs/releases. More music is coming your way!

Episode 9 of Busking with Austin in Cumberland

Episode 9 of Busking with Austin is up! I went to get a christmas tree and played a quick song among the cool abandoned warehouses over in Cumberland. I play As Thick As Thieves off my first album Step 1 Explode. It’s pink and blue ’cause why not.

Check out the full track at a link below

Step 1 Explode Turns 1 Year Old

1 year ago today I released my first album Step 1 Explode! It’s real rough around the edges and I couldn’t be prouder of it. I got to create all the sounds I wanted to hear and I’m applying everything I learned from that (and album 2) to my 3rd album that I’m currently recording. My music will always be DIY. It’d be less painful to pay engineers and session musicians to do all the dirty work so I could just have fun but it’s important to me to understand every little thing needed to release a song. That way, nothing will ever stop me from creating music except me. And I’m never stopping.

Stay tuned and go back and give Step 1 Explode a listen. Tell ya friends, throw me a follow or a like, and I’ll keep working on making my music a little better each go round.