Playin Some Tom Petty

I went with You Got Lucky by Tom Petty for the latest busking video. He was the coolest dude and one of the best songwriters in history. No question. His music is so simple but so heavy. Love it.

Busking in Newport

The latest busking video is up and I cover one of my favorite songs, off one of my favorite albums, by my favorite songwriter. Holy moly. It’s Carvel by John Frusciante. If you haven’t listened to the album Shadows Collide With People yet, you damn well should!

I’m also about halfway through recording my 3rd concept album of this year (5th album in total). Go dive into my tunes a bit to get a taste of what I’ve been up to because this next release is going to take it all to a higher level.

Strummin’ on a Mountain

Got a new video up on youtube doing an acoustic cover of A Loop by one of my heroes, John Frusciante. I love all his music but this one always sticks in my head. Simple but gnarly. Go listen to some of my originals and you’ll hear the influence his sound has on my music for sure.

Episode 17 of Busking with Austin

Episode 17 of Busking with Austin is up on youtube. My dude Young Marsh and I channeled the power of Sting, one of the coolest cats alive, and played Shape Of My Heart. We even got multiple camera angles and an extra microphone set up, making this the most high level production of Busking with Austin yet. ARE YOU IMPRESSED?!

Drum Tracking for Album 5

Drum tracks are done for the next album! I don’t get to play drums much cause I live in an apartment but I love it when I get the chance to. My arms and hands are hurtin now. Thanks mom and dad for letting me take over your basement with my portable recording studio.

Marching Off To Sleep

The eighth and final video from my latest album Jubilate is out now. More music is coming by the end of 2020. It’s a rough year so I’m pouring music all over it. Like pouring hot sauce on some shitty, tasteless food you screwed up while cooking.