Episode 3 of Busking with Austin with Special Guest Joe Zoeller is up!

Episode 3 of Busking with Austin is out! My man Joe Zo came down to join in and it was killer. We played one of my originals and 2 covers by Weezer and The Misfits.

We have a Binge Magick show at Thunder Road coming up on August 30th! We’re gonna tear it up.

I also have a solo show coming up at McGann’s in Boston on September 7th. Evan Mills will be backing me up on drums. Check my tour page for more info.

Tune in and rock out!


Episode 2 of Buskin with Austin

Episode 2 of busking with austin is up on my youtube page (https://youtu.be/yTcPIFN0_Kg or watch below. Don’t forget to subscribe!). I do 1 original followed by a Bonne Raitt cover. Still working out the kinks and gettin in the groove. I’ll have a guest in the next episode and i’ll be hittin a new street yahoo! More music is on the way.