Album 4

I’m psyched to announce my next album Jubilate is coming out July 31. This one leans more into modern psychedelia and is the second of three albums I’m releasing in 2020. Follow me on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, Soundcloud, or Bandcamp to get the album as soon as it drops. All links are on Looking forward to sharing it with you all!


Coming up!

Coming up we got my new album Wasted 8 hitting all streaming services this Friday, March 6 and a show next Monday, March 9 at The Jungle! I hit the stage at 8:45. so you can rock out and get to bed early. Yea! Also, thanks so much to Red Dress Records for giving my new single Part of Me a shout out last week and to The Sonic Blender for playing it on the radio up in Canada on 102.7fm. So happy to spread the sound around.