Episode 5 of Busking with Austin is out

It’s friday the 13th, there’s a full moon, my chakras are all out of whack, my chi is upside down, and epsiode 5 of busking with austin is out. I play a John Frusciante cover and an unreleased original by the sunflower field at cowpen point. Watch as my eyes dart around at the busy street and I struggle to stay in the zone as I’m assaulted by mosquitos. Yahoo!

Album 2 is out!

Are We Having Fun Yet? is out and i’m one happy dude. It’s on all streaming platforms and you can listen right here on my website too. Enjoy and tell ya friends! Thanks so much 🤘

Album 2 Recording Starts This Week

Album 2 recording starts this week! It will be a 6 song release focusing on the best of what I’m playing right now.

Rough tracks are fully recorded now. I’ll be recording the final guitar, bass, and vocals over the next couple weeks. Then I’m hitting the studio with Larry Luddecke as the engineer to record live drums. Then on to the arduous process of mixing/mastering.

I’m betting this will be out by the end of April/early May but only time will tell.

Check back here for updates and keep listening! Good things are coming