Austin Bullock is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Since 2018, he has been developing a remarkable DIY rock sound both on stage and in his home studio by regularly releasing albums and performing. In addition to his growing success as a solo artist, he is a co-founder and guitarist of the band Binge Magick.

In 2020, Austin announced that he will be releasing 3 albums over the course of the year, the first of which is titled Wasted 8 and is scheduled for release on March 6, 2020. The 2nd and 3rd albums will be released later this year.

Austin is performing as a duo based in Providence, Rhode Island with Lauren Boucher on drums. The duo is building momentum with their energetic shows and have set their sights on bigger performances following the releases of these albums in 2020.


Review of Express Yourself With Dollar Bills from Step 1 Explode written by comeherefloyd

"AUSTIN BULLOCK released his latest debut solo album ‘Step 1 Explode’ (available now). And off of that album, this little gem of a single named ‘Express Yourself With Dollar Bills’ lives within it. And with this, single, blues, rock, and an undaunted indie vibe is expressed to the fullest. First, listen to the solo. It’s glorious. The right amount of fuzz, tuned to the background of jammy riffs, dictate the face distorting pureness we feel listening to it. We just wanted more and more, and Austin’s going to make a mark in the industry. Refreshing and delightful, his EP is fabulous as well. Watch out world."

Review of Never Mind and Naive from Step 1 Explode written by Overblown

"Look at his big, happy indie rock shaped face? How could you not like that chap? Luckily, his music matches his pictorial enthusiasm. We’ve got two ones streaming here from Austin Bullock’s upcoming debut record Step 1 Explode. First up is ‘Never Mind’. A jaunty, jangly, and up beat number, the song shows Bullock’s knack for a melody and subtle production.

Following on from that is ‘Naive’. A fuzzier proposition, the track delves into a more foreboding atmosphere with nods to post punk and alt rock. It’s a bit of a jam."